PYTCH doesn't just just offer a basic unsupported hire service. PYTCH also has a range of approaches to hire accounts.

See below about these approaches:

Traditional Dry Hire

This is where the equipment is provided in prepped and serviced form for the customer to use as they wish. This is typical of traditional dry hire services. Customers should know what equipment they need, how to use it and have the secondary infrastructure to make it work for them and their application.

Brief-driven Dry Hire

This is where a customer has something they want to achieve and perhaps some idea of the equipment needed. Our Project Handlers will then advise on the most appropriate equipment. This advice will often come from PYTCH’ legacy of 15+ years’ production experience over a large number ofprojects. The customer then sets up and operates the equipment themselves.

Dry Hire with Training

PYTCH wants all equipment to be used in the best and safest possible manner, so we encourage dry hire customers to take at least some basic training on equipment where appropriate. We encourage our customers and their technicians to visit us and work on our test rig to be trained in the best use of equipment. Typically ad-hoc training will be conducted by a senior department head and is done free of charge for hires with a reasonable spend. Training is provided on an advisory basis and does not allow for any indemnity or accountability to PYTCH.

Assisted Hire

When customers are requiring a more complex solution, or one where the PYTCH equipment is unique, a senior technician is sometimes required to support the customer’s own team. A typical example would be where a customer has much of their own equipment but requires a specialist solution, such as an LED video wall, special effects, complex media servers or rigging. In this case PYTCH would provide the equipment and a senior production technician who has in-depth knowledge of the exact equipment being required – this technician can work on a “white label” basis and as part of the client’s team. Typically the technicians sent on “assisted hires” are department heads and also possess additional skills beyond their specialist areas. The equipment on assisted hire is prepped by the technician attending the event and in collaboration with the client’s own team.

Full Production

If you require a complete production service we can do this. This includes design, management, staffing, compliance, risk assessments, method statements and implementation. Please call the PYTCH office for more information.